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Mitre Saws

 Mitre Saws
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  • 4 Star
Products in the Mitre Saws category have been rated 4 stars based on 31 reviews

A mitre saw is a innovative and multi-purpose tool which is able to cut wood and plastic with a single blade! With the saw epitomising tool versatility, it is an essential component for any toolkit regardless of whether its use is for a profession or as a hobbie.

The Alan Wadkins range includes compound mitre saws, which are perfect for use at home or even in a professional workshop and cordless portable mitre saws which can be used efficiently and effectively on site.

As mitre saws are renowned for their ability to cut accurately and precisely through long pieces of material, it is important that they are of a certain quality. It is important to assess the key features of the saw before making a purchase, the areas to look at are; the blade, the mitre, the slide, the bevel/compound, dust extraction and any other accessories.


There are various different types of blades available so it is always important to check which blade the saw comes with as standard. More often than not, most mitre saws are packaged with a basic blade for wood so if you require the saw to cut any other materials it may be worth buying a different blade. Furthermore, the more teeth the blade has, the finer the cut produced which is also something to consider.


The mitre allows the saw to make angled cuts and is normally preset to adjust to some of the more popular angles such right angle joints. Although most saws nowadays enable you to mitre from both the left and right sides, it is always best to check to make sure.

Saw Slides

As the saw slides allow you to cut with greater widths, it is important to check to what spec a saw will be able to cut before committing to a purchase. Saws without slides are usually used for when you only require a single scale and are often referred to as chops saws.


The capability of a bevel allows you to tilt the blade to the side so that you can make angled cuts. Single bevel compound saws allow you to tilt to one side, whereas dual-bevel saws allow you to tilt to both the left and the right. It is important to assess the job beforehand to see which type of saw you need and you could save a lot of time and possibly money by being able to cut in either direction.

Complete the set and view our range of portable mitre saw stands.